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  1. Gytis

    Update Mastodon server instance

    Note! This is stale guide of upgrading Mastodon server software version. Up-to-date guide how to upgrade Mastodon version is available at You might have already noticed I use Mastodon for my main fediverse handle Current version is 4.1.6. While typically updating...
  2. Gytis

    OpenWRT upgrade: Dnsmasq problem solved

    After upgrading OpenWRT to version 18.06.2 (current release at the time of writing on March 24th, 2019) on one of my Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini routers I started seeing this error in System Log: unknown user or group: dnsmasq. In addition to that users were not able to connect to WiFi due to not...
  3. Gytis

    Hide nginx version number

    When Apache HTTPD server pretty much entirely dominated the market, one of the first tasks admin would do was to hide version number: ServerTokens ProductOnly Remember this tag? :D Nowadays as nginx is so popular, especially if you need high performance reverse proxy (WriteFreely runs behind...
  4. GameOn 2018

    GameOn 2018

    Video games and popular culture convention at Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018 November.
  5. Press Badge

    Press Badge

    Visiting GameOn 2018 as media representative of my personal blog.
  6. Gytis

    Introduction to modern car electronics

    Modern cars are full of electronics we typically think very little of when driving a vehicle. Let's try to break it down a bit for easier understanding and laying foundation for full-featured exploration of computer based automotive diagnostics. My name is Gytis Repečka, I am IT Solution...
  7. Gytis

    Blog „Netflix“ pristato 6,99 USD/mėn. planą su reklamomis

    Dvylikoje šalių „Netflix“ pristato 6,99 USD/mėn. planą, kurio naudotojams kas valandą bus parodoma 4-5 min reklamos, o raiška apribota iki 720p. Iki šiol #netflix paslaugose reklamos nebuvo. Naujojo plano kaina pavojingai artima šiuo metu Europoje taikomam 7,99 EUR/mėn. paketui, kuris leidžia...
  8. Gytis

    Social DNS alternative on Blockchain

    Anyone really think Domain Name System (DNS) can be replaced by some "domains on blockchain" whatever? Seriously, we struggle to bring #DNSSEC into addressing system and out of a sudden we will rework entire naming of the internet that's been there from the beginning? 🤣 Don't get me wrong: I...
  9. Gytis

    Blog Vien VPN neužtenka privatumui internete užtikrinti

    Daugelis jau įsisavino, kad vieši WiFi tinklai laikomi nesaugiais. Raginu nepulti pasitikėti VPN paslaugų tiekėjais, jeigu jums nėra prieinama informacija apie tų tiekėjų infrastruktūrą, žurnalų (angl. logs) politiką, veikimo jurisdikciją ir naudojamus šifravimo algoritmus. Istorijoje yra buvę...
  10. Autocom and VXdiag for Toyota

    Autocom and VXdiag for Toyota

    Cool diagnostic equipment.